Press Food and Wine

30 Nov

This place was a romantic surprise and a new hot spot in Adelaide. Press, 40 Waymouth St Adelaide 5000 is a food and wine bar with what I felt was a slightly French modern cuisine. It has the most unusual menu with offal and a lot of pork. Now I don’t like pork at all and the thought of lambs brains and livers is just gross but Press make an art piece out of the dishes. You can see that the owners have put a lot of thought into the layout and style of the restaurant because it is so funky and unlike any other restaurant in Adelaide….it’s more like a Melbourne or Sydney fashionable bar.

My man likes offal and all that manly stuff so he got the mixed grill which had lambs brains, livers, pork belly and a poached egg which came out looking delicious and I chose the tamer duck breast. We also go these pork buns which I have to say where the most amazing thing I have eaten in a long time; I could have had six of them just as my meal. And I hate pork but this pork was slow cooked and just melted in your mouth without that sour porky taste. The bun had a sweet taste like a pastry and it all just blended together well…so I suggest that even if you try this place as a bar to have a drink at that you try the pork buns.  The duck was roasted with just a nice crispy skin and the potatoes, radish and radicchio roasted was a simple yet tasty side. We also ordered the red cabbage and beetroot salad that we demolished before our meals came. We didn’t get a chance to try dessert because we were so stuffed but it sounded yummy with an assortment of cheeses and cured meats and other sweets.

I have to tell you that this place is very pricey, we racked up $120 and we didn’t order wine or dessert so don’t go there expecting a light romantic meal. I would definitely go back there again but probably for a special occasion or a treat. The waiters were experienced and knew the menu well and were friendly in giving suggestions and explaining the dishes which was helpful. This will definitely be a popular place for a long time.

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One Response to “Press Food and Wine”

  1. Krystal April 22, 2014 at 12:07 PM #

    Can’t beat a mixed grill,

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