Hahndorf Inn

21 Nov

Hahndorf….the tourism hotspot! One Sunday we were invited to a feast at the Hahndorf Inn for a birthday, I love the drive and the main street is lined with candle shops, chocolate shops and tourists. The Hahndorff Inn – 35 Main Street, Hahndorf SA 5245 was packed to the door with tourists and German sausages, mmmm sausage! If you love big beers then this is the place for you but I dont really know if its the place to go for a light meal, its a promise that you will walk out with a beer gut. I had no idea what to order and everything came with a side of German potatoes and sauerkraut. I ordered the T-Bone steak with potatoes and salad, others ordered sausages and schnitzels which were massive. I got super excited to try the pretzels but they weren’t what I expected…it was more like a stale bread. I can honestly say the flavours were a little bland and the wait for food was too slow but its understandable with the amount of people eating at once. I really enjoyed the variety of beers and the jug sizes were eye-opening

Maybe the Hahndorf Inn isn’t for me because I more enjoy flavour and variety but everything on the menu seemed to sound the same, I think its more of a novelty eatery. Its a great spot if you plan to roam the main street and pick up a few things from the little stores, we spent more time shopping in the candle, chocolate and cheese shops. And one of the down points is that you cant consume too many tasty beers because it is a drive an a half home.

I know it seems a little harsh but I cant say I really enjoyed eating at the Hahndorf Inn, many people say that the German Arms is much better so I will have to try there soon. The meals were expensive and it was too busy to experience a good conversation and laugh. I enjoyed the traditional surroundings and the best part would have to be the stroll in the main street after to try and digest all the food I consumed.

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