Press Food and Wine

30 Nov

This place was a romantic surprise and a new hot spot in Adelaide. Press, 40 Waymouth St Adelaide 5000 is a food and wine bar with what I felt was a slightly French modern cuisine. It has the most unusual menu with offal and a lot of pork. Now I don’t like pork at all and the thought of lambs brains and livers is just gross but Press make an art piece out of the dishes. You can see that the owners have put a lot of thought into the layout and style of the restaurant because it is so funky and unlike any other restaurant in Adelaide….it’s more like a Melbourne or Sydney fashionable bar.

My man likes offal and all that manly stuff so he got the mixed grill which had lambs brains, livers, pork belly and a poached egg which came out looking delicious and I chose the tamer duck breast. We also go these pork buns which I have to say where the most amazing thing I have eaten in a long time; I could have had six of them just as my meal. And I hate pork but this pork was slow cooked and just melted in your mouth without that sour porky taste. The bun had a sweet taste like a pastry and it all just blended together well…so I suggest that even if you try this place as a bar to have a drink at that you try the pork buns.  The duck was roasted with just a nice crispy skin and the potatoes, radish and radicchio roasted was a simple yet tasty side. We also ordered the red cabbage and beetroot salad that we demolished before our meals came. We didn’t get a chance to try dessert because we were so stuffed but it sounded yummy with an assortment of cheeses and cured meats and other sweets.

I have to tell you that this place is very pricey, we racked up $120 and we didn’t order wine or dessert so don’t go there expecting a light romantic meal. I would definitely go back there again but probably for a special occasion or a treat. The waiters were experienced and knew the menu well and were friendly in giving suggestions and explaining the dishes which was helpful. This will definitely be a popular place for a long time.

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Hampstead Hotel

30 Nov

The-most-disappointing-place-ever!!! Ok, I understand that it is a sports bar and a cheap spot for a quick and easy meal but it was ridiculous. Now we went there on a Thursday night around 6:30pm so it was practically dead, the staff were sour and rude, the meal took 45mins to come out and tables around us were being served the dishes before us and when the meal finally came they were burned and cold. The meal is very restricted because it is basically pub meals and a salad bar, which was the highlight of the experience.

We all spent probably $15-$20 on our meal but it wasn’t even worth that, I ate probably a third of it but indulged in the salad bar. This place has the potential to be a great place for a middle of the week family dining spot but I think the kitchen and staff needs to get their act together. I would say it is best to go to this place for beers, a bowl of wedges and a TAB bet…if that’s your thing.

Yes, this place receives zero stars out of 5, it was terrible and I will never return there again….please do not waste your time or money. I would suggest the Walkers Arms which is down the road a better place to eat at.

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Beyond India

28 Nov

If you take anything from my blog it must be this advice….get to this restaurant! Beyond India is an amazing Indian restaurant in Adelaide, 170 0’Connell Street North Adelaide SA 5006. I only became a fan of Indian food around three to four years ago and lately I have been craving it heavily. My man and I always got Beyond India delivered on Sunday night when we were both hangover and couldn’t be bothered cooking but just recently we experienced the dine-in and it was just heavenly. We didn’t realise how neat, clean and fancy the restaurant was, it was quite the romantic setting. Now, I am a lover of butter chicken when it comes to Indian food…yes, I know, boring….but at Beyond India I cannot go past the Lamb Korma. The meat is fresh and clean, just falls apart and the coconut and spices are perfect. It is standard that you get pappadams, naan bread and rice because without them it simple not an India experience. My man had to pick something different so he tried the barramundi in coconut milk, curry leaf and tamarind….which is a usually a little risky for me but was actually delicious. The fish fillets were fresh and were cooked perfectly, although a little spicy for me to handle but I am told that I quite the wimp when it comes to spice.


I have to mention the welcoming and experienced staff at this restaurant, they were warm and friendly, they didn’t constantly harass you, they were well groomed and efficient and most of all, they looked like they enjoyed their job. The restaurant had a lovely setting, simple but very elegant with comfy leather chairs and the tables had adorable elephants on them. I can imagine this place is extremely busy on weekends so probably best to make a booking but we strolled in on a Friday night at 6pm and beat the rush. Now this place is a little pricey but Indian restaurants usually are because you tend to pick a couple dishes and it racks up. We spent $70 between the two of us but it was definitely a belly buster.

Hands down Beyond India receives 5 out of 5 stars, I think this place is the bees-knees of Indian restaurants. I’ve been to British India and Spice Kitchen but Beyond India takes the cake, the staff told us that they have been running the business for 12 years and they currently have two restaurants so you can tell they take pride in their business and I can understand why.

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Belgian Beer Cafe

21 Nov

I have found a new love….. Mussels! Up until a few months ago I refused to try them and the very look of them was revolting but my pushy boyfriend took me to the Belgian Beer Cafe – 27-29 Ebenezer Place Adelaide SA 5000 because they are known for their Les Moules. So I thought what the heck, I’ll try them. And they were delicious!!! We had the Provençale flavour which was mussels steamed in rich tomato sauce with confit garlic, kalamata olives, capsicum and fresh basil. I also suggest having a side of the chips and aioli dip, it just finishes the whole experience.

I also have to suggest one of the beers at the Belgian Beer Cafe, its called Floris and it comes in three different flavours (chocolate, raspberry and apple) I have tried chocolate and apple so far and they are so yummy. Chocolate is better with a dessert but the apple was perfect with the meal.


Overall the Belgian Beer Cafe is a wicked place to go either with a cheesy someone or a bunch of mates for a few cheeky beers and a laugh. The staff are friendly and helpful with suggestions and the atmosphere is unique with its Belgian charm. The prices are reasonable, lunch would put you back $50 for two.

I am giving the Belgian Beer Cafe a 3 out of 5 stars for the overall experience. The only down fall was that there wasn’t much variety to the menu and that the waiting time for the meal delivery was a tad long. But I definitely revisit the place.

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21 Nov
I tend to say that I don’t have a sweet tooth but I think I am just kidding myself! I love a good waffle with strawberries and ice cream but there aren’t many places in Adelaide that do proper waffles but I am on the hunt. One place that does a decent little waffle amongst other things is Cocolat – 283 Rundle Street Adelaide SA 5000. Cocolat is basically god’s gift to women, it provides everything sweet and more. Apart from waffles they have handmade chocolate treats, gelati, ice cream, hot drinks and cakes. I went there with two girlfriends in the winter time, rugged up in scarves and beanies, huddled in the warm corner discussing boys and the normal life struggles.
Although the dish looks small, I struggled to tackle it all but thankfully I had a hot cocolat to wash it down with. I think this is the perfect spot to take a girl on a first date or even just for a bunch of girlfriends so you can all catch up and overload on chocolate.
Cocolat definitely receives a 4 out of 5 stars because the atmosphere is so inviting and cosy. Although a little pricey, everything is handmade and quality but its easy to share dishes. The smallest bad point was the staff member that served us was a little snooty but I can look past that because I walked out a satisfied lady.

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21 Nov

You know when you get that craving for Mexican and you just cant go with out it…..that’s me almost every weekend. I heard on the grapevine that Montezuma’s – 134 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide SA was the place to go for serious Mexican. I have to get the word out….it is not the place to go, at all! Ok, I admit we were swept up at first by the theme of the place and so many options to choose from. Naturally we started with nachos with guacamole…which were fairly standard but slightly small. We were a little lost with what would be the ultimate meal so we asked for suggestions from the waiter, and had faith in her advice. I had taquitos and tacos, my man had some sort of chicken tacos and they both came with the usual frijoles, rice and salad.

Where do I start….the chicken unfortunately tasted boiled, frozen, microwaved and fried; and the cheese was twice melted and tasted rancid. I felt so sorry for my man because the taste of his dish made me dry reach. My dish wasn’t so bad but the rice was not the best, luckily the beef taco was good and the salad was surprisingly nice with apple and celery. What was meant to be a romantic Mexican dinner turned into a very disappointing tummy ache that cost way more than necessary.

I feel so horrible but I have to give Montezuma’s a 1 out of 5 stars. Although the atmosphere was fascinating, the food just did not match and walking away $60 down just finished it. I don’t think I would even give the place a second chance. There are much better Mexican places that satisfy my desire.

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Hahndorf Inn

21 Nov

Hahndorf….the tourism hotspot! One Sunday we were invited to a feast at the Hahndorf Inn for a birthday, I love the drive and the main street is lined with candle shops, chocolate shops and tourists. The Hahndorff Inn – 35 Main Street, Hahndorf SA 5245 was packed to the door with tourists and German sausages, mmmm sausage! If you love big beers then this is the place for you but I dont really know if its the place to go for a light meal, its a promise that you will walk out with a beer gut. I had no idea what to order and everything came with a side of German potatoes and sauerkraut. I ordered the T-Bone steak with potatoes and salad, others ordered sausages and schnitzels which were massive. I got super excited to try the pretzels but they weren’t what I expected…it was more like a stale bread. I can honestly say the flavours were a little bland and the wait for food was too slow but its understandable with the amount of people eating at once. I really enjoyed the variety of beers and the jug sizes were eye-opening

Maybe the Hahndorf Inn isn’t for me because I more enjoy flavour and variety but everything on the menu seemed to sound the same, I think its more of a novelty eatery. Its a great spot if you plan to roam the main street and pick up a few things from the little stores, we spent more time shopping in the candle, chocolate and cheese shops. And one of the down points is that you cant consume too many tasty beers because it is a drive an a half home.

I know it seems a little harsh but I cant say I really enjoyed eating at the Hahndorf Inn, many people say that the German Arms is much better so I will have to try there soon. The meals were expensive and it was too busy to experience a good conversation and laugh. I enjoyed the traditional surroundings and the best part would have to be the stroll in the main street after to try and digest all the food I consumed.

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